Donnerstag, 3. April 2014

Candy auf Copic Marker Europe

Auf Copic Marker Europe gibt es was zu gewinnen und zwar die Copic Tasche zum verstauen aller 358 Farben.
Originaltext der Seite:

I think it is time for a Candy.

 We want to reach at least 1400 Followers, if you help us, we will give a change to win a great Copic accessory, the Copic Carrying Case. It will be without markers, sorry.
There is place in it  for more than all your 358 Copic markers, you can also put your Spica's or Multiliners in it.
It is very lightweight, incase you want to travel accompanied by your markers.
We will send it only to European contires and the Middle East.

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