Dienstag, 19. April 2011

Monique from MONIQUE GRIFFITH DESIGNS ask a favor on her blog:

Ok, now I have a little favor to ask of all of you.  Last week when I went for a follow-up appointment at the radiation office, I ran into somebody I know - Angela - a Cricut friend who has taken classes from me before.  Anyway, she and her husband were there with their 9 year old son, John Jr., who has a rare form of cancer called Rhabdomysarcoma.  It is in his skull and lungs.  I met him, and he is the sweetest little kid, and so handsome.   He has a LOT to go through, including a solid year of chemo, and he just had surgery to put in a feeding tube.  I asked Angela if we could do something for John, and she said he loves to get things in the mail, so if you're able, would you mind sending him a card?  It doesn't even have to be handmade if you don't have time to make one.  I'm going to be sending him one this week, and hope it gets to him in time for Easter.  HERE is his blog, and here's his name and address...

John Hoffman Jr.
5835 W. 2nd St.
Rio Linda, CA 95673

Thank you all so much!  And please feel free to spread the word.  I got so many cards when I was sick, and it really does lift the spirit to know that others are supporting you and praying for you!

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